どこでもドア (Dokodemo Doa, or “Anywhere Door”)

I knew my answer immediately. One glance at the options was more than enough.

Time machines are messy headaches. Timey-whimey woobly-hobbly… Ok, obviously I’m not a big Doctor Who fan but case-in-point: Time is too complex. I would end up killing my past or future self anyway.

The “invisibility helmet” sounds suspicious to me. Does it make only your head invisible? What if it doesn’t fit my head? Does it have adverse side effects, like being invisible forever? I don’t want to be dodging people, automobiles, and bullets forever. I’ll pass on this one.

But I do love to travel. So I’ll take the Anywhere Door. Yes.

Shut up and take my money!


Putting that aside…

The Anywhere Door makes me instantly think of Doraemon. I know the show is localized and broadcast in many countries, but how popular is it? Other Daily Posters understood the idea readily (it is pretty self-explanatory), and a few even made references to the Japanese cartoon. Did many of you watch the show as kids, or did you do Google search? None of the above? If I’m honest, I never heard of the show until I took Japanese classes in university.

Another quick Google of “invisibility helmet” yields the much lamer-sounding Cap of Invisibility. It is also called the Helm of Darkness, which sounds so much cooler. Why doesn’t Wikipedia use that instead? The Greek Mythology Wikia has the right idea.

Anyway, this cap was passed around the Greek gods to do devious backstabbing and escapes. I saw this statue of Perseus from the Wiki page during my recent travels. It’s on public display at the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence.

Florence statue of Perseus slaying Medusa

Nice use of the cap, Perseus

I wonder if the prompt writer, atana’s world, knew about these?