The Golden Rule

The beach is hungry, and does not discriminate between litter and your sunglasses.


I grew up in a seaside-beach-surfer community. Almost Everyone knows not to bring valuables to the beach. It’s the result of hearing too many horror stories of lost wedding rings, keys, phones, brand name sunglasses, beloved sandals, and more.

Still, I’ve lost things in the past and wish I knew where they were now. For example: I would be so happy if someone returned the bracelet my brother gave me when he returned from Greece. I wore it everyday. It was a silver cuff bracelet with a woven design and fit my style perfectly. One day, I didn’t close the cuff tightly enough around my wrist and it slipped off while I was running to class. I soon realized it was gone, but it was too late. Another student must have picked it up. I retraced my steps, looked all over campus, asked my teachers, checked the Lost and Found several times for days. I was devastated. It was one of the nicest presents I ever received from him.

Now, I always try my best to find the owner of lost items. Or at least make it easier for the owner to find by leaving it at a Lost & Found, or with a local authority figure. How could you keep something, knowing someone is missing it?


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